Water Wells and Pumps


We have been involved in the water well and pump industry since 1970. Our staff includes experienced and fully certified water well and pump mechanics. We are equipped with a water pump/motor station capable of testing units up to 100 horsepower.

We are committed to sustaining valuable groundwater resources and meeting government regulatory requirements. We have certified well pump installers capable in the design, repairs and installation of all residential or commercial pump applications.


We carry a wide variety of pumps, ranging from basic, small sump-pump units and submersible well and jet pumps, to large line shaft turbines and centrifugals. Some of the common brands we service and sell are:

  • Goulds
  • J Class (Franklin Electric)
  • Berkeley
  • Grundfos

We have a variety of water holding tanks to use in conjunction with low yielding wells. Water is pumped from a well using a pump that has low water protection devices to de-energize the pump when the holding tank is at full capacity. This allows a considerable increase in a reserve capacity of water at peak demand times of the day. The holding tanks are then replenished from the well pump evenly throughout “off peak” demand times, such as throughout the night.

Pressure or “bladder” tanks are used in water systems to reduce the pump motor start cycles. The larger the tank, the less start cycles on the motor and will extend the service life of the units while reducing electricity.

Information on Groundwater Management | Water Pump Troubleshooting | Water Act- Ground Water Protection Regulation