Waste Water


We recognize the importance of the surface dispersal of daily wastewater which may infiltrate into our ground water aquifer. We use our years of experience and the latest education offered to make sure each septic field and lagoon is completed safely for the environment and the people around it.

Our safety training includes confined space awareness with the latest safety measures, along with in-line video camera systems to inspect, troubleshoot and repair all types of difficult situations.

Our staff is trained by the British Columbia On Site Sewage Association (BCOSSA) www.bcossa.com and we are dedicated Registered OnSite Wastewater Practitioners (ASTTBC) http://owrp.asttbc.org.

Wastewater Installations

The different types of systems we install are determined once a soil investigation is performed. Initially a site visit is scheduled, in which we meet with you and discuss your plans, wishes, home size and the number of bedrooms in the home. This is to give us an estimate of the flow rates that are discharged from the home.  Following that, we perform a site/soil assessment, which then results in the type and size of system we would design and install.

The most common types of wastewater systems in our area fall into two different drain field layouts. They are gravity dispersal systems, which is used in ideal soil conditions (conventional perforated pipe and drain rock). Many will be designed with pressure distribution. This type of design is preferred due to the fact that the effluent is sprayed through small holes called “orifices” coming out of the runs or “laterals”. The benefit to this system being that the effluent is evenly distributed throughout the entire discharge zone, which enables pollutants to be successfully treated (by the micro organisms in the soil surface) prior to entering our groundwater.

Our staff is certified and trained for the design, maintenance and installation of all systems. We are equipped with a wide variety of tools, from confined space personnel safety training, pipeline video cameras and buried line locators to diagnose all kinds of troublesome situations.