Groundwater originates from surface water, which is why it is important to protect it from pollutants. Run-off and precipitation can infiltrate the earth and fill cracks and pores in rock and soil, thus saturating layers beneath us. These saturated layers store significant amounts of groundwater, called aquifers, which supply our wells. Maintaining a clean ground surface, preventing contaminant spills and having a properly designed wastewater dispersal system will insure safe and clean water for years to come.

When choosing a location for your well, keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure the ground slopes away from the well to prevent run off and contaminants from entering
  • Plan the location for easy access from service vechicles
  • Keep the well location a minimum of 100 feet away from the wastewater system, pesticides, livestock etc.
  • Be sure your well casing extends above finished grade, a minimum of 18”, and the perimeter around the casing (annulus) is sealed (grouted) to prevent surface contamination from entering.